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Civic Engagement

Urban Paradise Guild: Volunteerism Unleashed!

1. Engage 10,000+ Volunteers per year.
Every project is designed to:
2. Make Miami a better place to live today.
3. Make Miami's future safer from Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change.

Urban Paradise Guild (UPG) has fielded hundreds or thousands of Volunteers every year from 2009-2014.
Now, we are ready to grow!

UPG is a Volunteer-Powered Organization: 100% of our Staff and Workers are Volunteers!
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Who are you?

Urban Paradise Guild, Miami non-profit 501c3, Founded 2008

Missions include
Urban Forestry
Urban Agriculture
Experiential Education
Urban Planning & Public Policy

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How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Community Engagement + Volunteerism allow us to impact virtually all the issues identified in the Our Miami Report.

UPG has a uniquely effective Volunteer-Powered organizational model.

We need to scale up in order to engage more Volunteers. To do so, we need the resources to professionalize.

Goal: engage 10,000+ Volunteers every year.

Shaded Pedestrian/Bike Paths enable safe transit and exercise.
Organic Gardens allow Healthy Choices.
Education creates economic opportunities.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Civic Engagement: UPG has thousands of mostly young Volunteers.
Environment & Parks: UPG has ongoing projects that improve 7 locations. Sweat equity is invested 8x per week. All fight Sea-Level Rise.
Experiential Education helps students and adults learn how to learn. Engagement retains talent.

UPG Projects (Gardens + Pedestrian/Bike Trails + Volunteer Work) Improves:
Healthy Choices
Economic Opportunities
Housing Affordability
Pedestrian/Bike Friendly + Transit Access

Please give examples of your project's success.

New grants allow UPG to add professional staff and resources.

We increase Recruiting and Engagement leading to increases in Volunteerism.

Improved Experiential Education leads to greater satisfaction and more Repeat Volunteerism and Staff Retention.

More resources available for UPG Projects enables greater impacts. We become more effective at protecting Miami from Sea-Level Rise.

Success increases popularity + "brand awareness", and helps us to get more funding.
Repeat from top.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Urban Paradise Guild


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Civic Engagement

PhilanthroFest 2015 Festival! Get the 411 on 4/11 at Museum Park

Increase volunteerism, community engagement and donor investment throughout South Florida with the PhilanthroFest 2015 Festival.

Entering it's 4th year, the festival showcases 100+ causes & community resources while connecting people in need to service providers, and those who wish to get involved, donate or volunteer connect with organizations that align with their passions and values.

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Who are you?

We are about connecting people, passion and philanthropy; enriching the cultural landscape of Miami; and empowering individuals with information & inspiration. We are a grass-roots civic engagement movement. We are PhilanthroFest!

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Philanthrofest helps organizations connect both on-line and in real life. We recognize that by helping organizations thrive, they are able to better serve their mission.

By participating in the PhilanthroFest festival, non-profit participants are able to engage Miamians in their cause. Individuals are able to immerse in causes they care about and see how they can help fill unmet needs. Connecting people, passion and philanthropy is a huge step in increasing civic engagement.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

By giving residents a platform to meet and greet with over 100 causes we are able to positively effect the Miami metro volunteer rate and push past the 15% mark while increasing the likelihood that they will invest dollars & time into the causes they connect with. Early participation in volunteer activities promotes lifelong civic involvement which is why we are bolstering our attractors for children and young adults. We are creating an engaged citizenry which will collectively elevate Miami.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Brand building and exposure for over 100 causes at each festival; Increased interactions and lead generation for non-profits; Unique fundraising and experiential education opportunities; Exposure for over two dozen visual & performing artists; Community reach via various media including print, TV, on-line radio & social media; Additionally, participating orgs enjoy positive collateral impacts such as growing volunteer & donor base, networking & creating new collaborations with other causes.

Organization Name (or individuals name) PhilanthroFest


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Civic Engagement

The Miami Mentoring Collaborative

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami (BBBS) is the premier mentoring organization of South Florida, helping thousands of children each year through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with caring adult volunteers. Through its Mentoring Resource Center (MRC), BBBS collaborates with over 40 youth-serving organizations, delivering program development consultation and customized training for mentoring agencies... more »
Who are you?

The Miami Mentoring Collaborative is a partnership between BBBS’ Mentoring Resource Center and multiple non-profits and businesses to recruit and train volunteers, provide diverse volunteer opportunities and create a local culture of volunteerism.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

The MMC will reduce inter-agency competition and maximize the number of qualified volunteers engaged in meaningful volunteer experiences. The MMC will launch its newest volunteer recruitment campaign during National Mentoring Month in January. So far 500 volunteer mentors and 50 agency staff have been trained. BBBS’ average match duration in 2013-14 was 31.2 months and the rate of retention was 68%. Using our proven models will increase community engagement through volunteerism in Miami.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Data points addressed by this project include Miami’s volunteer rate and young adult volunteer rate. Specific outcomes include such measures as numbers of volunteers recruited, numbers of volunteers trained, numbers of staff trained in volunteer recruitment and retention, number of new volunteers placed and resulting number of youth served. Through combining organizational resources and purposeful volunteer recruitment and retention strategies, we intend to create a culture of volunteerism.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Young persons who lack a strong relationship with a caring adult are much more vulnerable to academic failure and involvement in risky behaviors. BBBS has consistently documented statistically significant improvements in peer relationships, scholastic competency, grades and risk attitudes. Each year, BBBS/MRC generates 1500 volunteer inquiries. Collaborating to increase civic engagement through volunteering will achieve similar long term outcomes for a greater number of Miami-Dade youth.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami


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Civic Engagement

Youth Volunteer Engagement - Meaningful Opportunities for 5-17

HandsOn Miami has recently installed a Youth Advisory Council - a youth Board of Directors consisting of 14 teenagers representing 11 different schools across Miami-Dade County. Their goal for 2015 is to inspire, equip, and mobilize 500 of their peers (ages 5-17 years of age) in active and meaningful hands-on volunteer service to make Miami a better place by supporting local nonprofit organizations.
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Who are you?

HandsOn Miami is a local nonprofit organization that is on a mission to inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action to positively effect change on our Miami-Dade County community. We have inclusive opportunities to engage everyone in service.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

By focusing on developing meaningful youth volunteer engagement, we are helping to foster the next generation of Miami leaders who are well-versed and connected to Miami's challenges and successes.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Volunteer Rate - this project will result in the meaningful activation of a minimum of 500 youth volunteers (5-17 years of age). Combined, these volunteers will contribute 1,250 hours of service and directly benefit 10 local nonprofit organizations, schools, or governmental agencies.

Please give examples of your project's success.

This project's success will be measured by:

  1. Number of youth volunteers (5-17 years of age) activated
  2. Number of hours of service completed
  3. Number of agencies served
  4. Number of Youth Project Leaders Trained
  5. Surveys that show an enhanced understanding of the challenges faced by Miami-Dade County and belief that, as a youth volunteer, the volunteer has an opportunity to positively effect change within the County.

Organization Name (or individuals name) HandsOn Miami


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