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Civic Engagement

Leadership Training for Engaging Our Community

This year, PACT is training 115 leaders intensively to engage over 1,800 people to work on making local policy changes related to housing, crime, and keeping our children out of the prison system.

To win justice, PACT holds ‘direct action’ meetings with thousands of community members, encouraging public officials to take action and holding them accountable by using the power of organized communities. Once PACT members... more »
Who are you?

PACT is a diverse coalition of 39 organizations throughout Miami Dade. It is the largest grassroots organization in South Florida. Since 1988, PACT has used the power of its large, organized numbers of people to solve pressing community problems.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

PACT’s training for community members accelerates their ability to surface community problems, research solutions, negotiate with decision makers, and raise financial investments. When community members become involved in PACT, they are connected to a network of people from all parts of the County which creates community and allows people to have a voice that will be heard and will create change. When people feel heard and better understand the policy process, then civic engagement increases.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

The Our Miami report stated that Miami Dade’s volunteer rate in 2013 is 15.3% and charitable contributions are 1.7%. By engaging more community members in our process, people have an opportunity to have a voice and effectively be a part of the solution to the problems they are experiencing. These effects multiply as PACT's members represent over 50,000 from all districts in the county. When individuals feel that their voice is heard, then they are more likely to be engaged in their community.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Each year, PACT brings out thousands of leaders for Action.

PACT got the Superintendent to eliminate minor violations of the Code of Conduct as reason for out-of-school suspensions. This created a 32% drop in out-of-school suspensions.

PACT got our Commissioners to pass a First Source Referral Hiring Ordinance. It enforces that county contracts in Miami Dade must first seek out qualified job candidates from CareerSource South Florida before searching outside of the county.

Organization Name (or individuals name) People Acting for Community Together


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